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How It Works

Getting a Half or Whole Specialty Beef from Ponderosa Partnership

Prices are all-inclusive (Meat and Processing), with no hidden fees!

Ordering from Ponderosa Partnership is like having your own personal butcher. 

Buying directly from your local rancher can be your best value.

Your Options

Custom Cut Package

Our "custom cut package" allows you to have specific requests when it comes to processing; how thick, how many per package, etc.

Ponderosas Cut Package

Our recommended package comes with a variety of steaks, specialty cuts, roasts, and hamburger. This is based on what we think is the best cuts for our beef. 

Please fill out this form to custom order your beef!

Our custom order form allows you to tell your processor exactly what you want, how thick, how many per package, etc.. It’s easier than you think, and you’ll learn a lot about where different types of meat come from and the types of meals that you can prepare.
To help make your order simple, get to know the   beef chart.
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